Sunday, 8 August 2021

Baby sewing Burda Style 02-2019: 127, 128 and 129

 You might have noticed that I don't blog very much lately. I still sew quite a bit, but am finding that taking the photographs is not so interesting. Fortunately, some other people take photographs, and here is a delightful one which includes some of my sewing. (Permission given to post this photo by a former colleague of mine who is the mother of this adorable 4 month old baby)

Quite some time ago, in February, I went to a baby shower for my former colleague, and naturally I felt that this was an excellent opportunity to indulge in some tiny-little-person sewing. The gender of this baby was unknown at the time, so I started with a red and white colour scheme, and made the "boy" version of the top Burda style 02-2019-127, which is identical to the girl version, 02-2019-128, other than the feminised version including a zig zagged elastic at the hipline. You may notice that I also made the girl version. This was an extra gift for another colleague's baby, whom had arrived a month prior to my sewing. 

For sizing reference, I made Burda size 0-3 months, 56cm, but added 2cm cuffs to the length of both sleeves and trousers. The pictured baby is a tall (67cm) 4 month old baby, and her mother tells me that the waist of the trousers is still a bit loose. The other recipient is now 6 months old, and 65cm tall, and both the trousers and top are still a little too big for her.


I used Imperial Batiste for the tops, this being cool to wear and having enough polyester in the poly/cotton mix to avoid ironing. However, I used a little bit of cotton-lycra knit to make cuffs at the end of the sleeves, instead of an elastic gathering (girl version) or just a hem (boy version), as in my experience, very loose sleeves end up at the baby's armpit, and zig-zagged elastic can be rough on a new baby's skin.For this reason I used shirring elastic for the hipline of the feminised top, with a bridging stitch.

For both versions of the top, I used french seams for construction, and a rolled hem at the bottom. I embroidered running stitch around the neckline and facing, and used a red and white striped button with a thread loop for fastening. 

The  red and white details were used to coordinate with the stripey red leggings, Burda Style 01-2019-129, but are hopefully subtle enough that the babies can wear the tops with other trousers, or under an overall or romper.

The fabric I used here is a very soft rayon knit, with four way stretch. I did not have much of this fabric left, as it was a remnant from a t shirt I made for myself, so I was quite pleased with myself for managing to squeeze two sets of leggings from the remnant by changing the direction of the stripes. I used the same cotton-lycra knit for the cuffs and to make a wide, soft waistband.

I really enjoyed sewing these little clothes.

Just for fun, I'm including a photo that I took when out walking this morning.

Yes, we do have kangaroos hopping down the middle of the street here.


Allison said...

What adorable outfits! yes, I've noticed that you blog less and I do miss your posts. I'm usually a lurker but I've come out of lurkerdom to tell you how much I've missed reading about your sewing adventures. I always enjoy your detailed posts and marvel at the quality of your work.

SewRuthie said...

Lovely to see the little outfits.
Thanks for sharing and glad to hear you are well.

Sharon said...

These little outfits are too cute and love how you have used the stripes. The hand stitching around the neck details is a lovely touch.

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and know I come back for reference at times, so thank you for posting and glad to hear you are well and enjoying your local neighbourhood.