Wednesday, 19 March 2008

#2 v2925 jacket completed

I have just finished the wool flannel version of v2925 jacket. I have turned it inside out to show the facing seam piping, and you can see it hanging next to version 1. I like version 2 much better, and despite all the tailoring work I have put into it, it was much quicker to make than version 1, mainly because I was pleased with the results I was getting with version 2, so kept working at it, whilst with version 1, I kept feeling unhappy with it, and going away to read about jacket construction far too often. I am even more convinced that Vogue is mistaken about the easy rating on this jacket. I think the instruction sheet should refer to a good tailoring text rather than giving the novice jacket maker (me) a false impression that the jacket can be made by following the pattern sheet alone.
Unfortunately, I have lost one clasp piece. I plan to steal one from version 1, but it is still warm here, and although we will go to an early service, there is no way I could wear jacket 2 to church on Easter Sunday. I may be able to wear jacket 1, and I think I like it enough, so it can keep the clasp half until then!
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LauraLo said...

Very cute jacket!