Sunday, 2 March 2008

Junior SWAP 2/3/08

I have made a few quick and easy items for my SWAP, but this is not my favourite type of sewing. What I really like is embellishment. Here are the next two items for my daughter's SWAP. She is wearing the Jalie sweetheart top in a white cotton lycra knit from Julie at Timmel Fabrics. This is a thick, not too stretchy knit, I am very impressed with the quality of the fabric. The skirt is from the wardrobe pattern Simplicity 5220, in a heavy cotton denim, dark blue. I purchased this from my local fabric shop. I altered the construction only slightly, using a groisgrain ribbon to finish the waistband rather than using a facing at the waist. I am pleased to have now made 3 separate garment types from the wardrobe pattern, meeting a qualifying criteria of the SWAP challenge.

The fun part was the embroidery.

I used the brocade from Timmel fabric as my inspiration. The brocade has curving leaf and flower arrangements, with pink stylized roses or dalias - I couldn't tell which. I formed several curves down the L side of the skirt front mimicing the shapes on the brocade. I used DMC fine twisted cord in the same pink as used on the brocade, and another pink in the same shade as the hot pink shirred top and twist top for bullion roses and rose buds on the skirt. I also used chambray blue twisted cord for french knots so that the chambray smocked top can be worn with the skirt. The green is 6 strands on the skirt and 3 on the top in DMC 907, the same shade as found in the brocade. The leaves and stems are formed with detached chain, fly stitch and stem stitch. I used 3 shades of pink in 3 strands of DMC stranded embroidery thread for the roses and french knots on the top.

The outfit was well recieved by DD. Both items fit beautifully into the core SWAP, although we may shift out the striped Jalie top and the blue and white sleeveless mandarin collar top. These tops were both trial versions, and although we like them, and they are proving very useful, the fabrics were not selected with the whole SWAP in mind. My next planned item for my daughter's SWAP is a jacket of some sort.
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a little sewing on the side said...

Karen, I just love the outfit you made for your daughter. I'd wear the exact same thing myself, with pride! It is just my cup of tea.

How did you do the embroidery? By hand? I am pretty sure I will not pursue machine embroidery, but I would love to learn hand embroidery.

I am so glad the current styles incorporate embellishment.