Saturday, 22 March 2008

v8305 dress

 The dress from V8305 is a longer version of the top. This time around, I used woven selvage in the neck and shoulder seams instead of interfacing, as this fabric is less drapey than the rayon jersey. I used a wool jersey that I bought on ebay from fashionwarehousesydney. It is a very different fabric from the wool jersey I used for the jalie top, being lightweight and a fine weave. I was very pleased with the dress. I did lower the neck by about 1.5m, and shortened the sleeves to bracelet length, and the skirt to just on the knee (5 inches off). I also used my blind hem foot with the knit stitch for the first time. It does a great job, and I am sorry that I did not use it for the other knit garments I made today. My next plan is to make either a full length or a half slip to wear under this dress. I have some china silk left, but not a huge amount, so it will depend on how much fabric I need. The knit is very comfortable, but it is a bit clingy.
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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your dress looks great. The style is very flattering. Very nice work:)

Vicki said...

Hi Karen,
I bought the book from The link to the book is:

I bought the book new so it wasn't cheap but what textbooks are? And the postage was $6.95. I hope it gets here soon!!