Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Finish Line in Sight SWAP2 and 3

I had a very productive sewing day today. My in laws took the children out for the day, and I did not have to go in to work. I sewed all day, it was great. I finished my vogue skirt 8426, except for the hand sewn hem, which I think I can do during some waiting around time tomorrow.

I also completely finished a straight skirt, front and back darts that I did not know I was making until this morning. I made this because after I laid out all my items, I realized that another bottom was all I needed to achieve 2 SWAPS that meet the requirements (I knew I would be pretty close before laying them out, as I have sewn so many clothes, I just wasn't sure if I could meet the requirements twice). I have enough finished items to have officially finished both of my SWAPS (other than the hem). The only reason I have two sets of SWAP clothes is my poor planning in the early stages, and I would not recommend it as a plan! I did really need the clothes.
However, I am still sewing for the SWAP because I would like to use a dress in my indulgence plan. This was part of my earliest planning, and I have previously made a trial version and am happy with the fit. I am sure this will look better in my official wardrobe than the knit top it will replace. The dress is McCall's 5177.
This evening I finished the smocked insert I will use in the bodice. I have been working on this on and off as my portable handwork since I finished knitting the cardigan. It is my first attempt at using smocking in a non ling erie garment for myself. I hope it will not look too juvenile.
This evening I cut out the dress, using a linen from Michael's Fabrics, and a china silk from Gorgeous Fabrics. I have cut out the skirt and sleeves on the bias, and have tried the underlining method described by Laura lo on the sleeves. My plan is to get up early and do a little sewing before I go to work, which should leave me ample time to finish the SWAP before the cut off date.
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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You have been very busy. I like the skirt pattern, it's very stylish, it's been on my list for some time now.I'm anxious to see yours made up :) Your smocked piece is also very nice. I'm sure it will not look juvenile :)