Saturday, 24 May 2008

Kwik Sew 1283, Frog Pyjamas

  Here is my son in his frog pyjamas. These started as Kwik Sew 1283. I added a constrast curved tummy for interest, using a different shade of green polar fleece from the main fabric. The neck and sleeves are finished in green cotton rib knit.
  I also made a frog hood. I used the hood pattern from Green Pepper #150 - Oregon Jacket, with a peaked front for the frog lips. I appliqued white polar fleece and black cotton knit for the eyes, and satin stiched nostrils.
The tongue is red polar fleece. After I had finished, my husband suggested that I should have put the tongue at the lower hood, like a tie, and this probably would have been a better idea, as it is rather in the way at the top of the hood, but my son likes it.
  The only real alteration to the Kwik Sew pattern for these pyjamas is the foot shape. I have made a 3 toed web foot as wide as I could manage without altering the heel part of the foot. The sole of the foot was cut out to the same shape. I have overlayed gripper fabric from Seattle Fabrics to the sole so that my son does not skid down the hall at too ferocious a speed.
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Keely said...

Wow! Awesomely cute pj's!

Lisa said...

Ribbit! Ribbit!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Too cute :) He appears to be enjoying his new PJ's :)

Shannon said...

These are SO AWESOME! I love it! I better not let my nine year old son see- he'll want a set right now!

Shannon F