Wednesday, 9 July 2008

More pyjamas with tails

I have been using Kwik Sew 1283 again to make fun pyjamas for my son, my nephew, my son's best friend and for 2 of my nieces. Everyone has a new leopard suit, and my son also has a lion suit with matching mane hood. The lion suit is my favourite at the moment. I am really pleased with how the hood turned out. I used Green Pepper Oregon jacket 150 hood as the starting point, then added ears. I sewed long strips of polar fleece across the hood, right side to hood, so that the cut strips were towards the face. When the strips are turned back on themselves so that the right side is to the outside, the mane has some body and stands up a bit. I used lots of skerrick remnants, and think the mix of fabrics looks very effective. I have also sewn a mane trim to the neck of the pyjamas, so that when worn to bed, there is still a lion effect. The suit also has a tail and claws for added fearsomeness.
The leopard suits are not quite so interesting. I have simply added a tail to each suit. My youngest niece has a pink version, just for a change.
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Alexandra said...

Too cute! I wish I'd had cool PJ's like that when I was a kid.