Friday, 26 December 2008

BWOF 12-2008-128 and 129, pyjamas

I made my daughter some pyjamas from the December BWOF. Fortuitously this magazine arrived just before Christmas, so I could slip them into her present. (Carol asked me how I was getting BWOF so early, and the answer is a subscription straight from Germany. Until recently there were not even 3 month old BWOF magazines in my local newsagent, of course, once I subscribed, the newsagent started to stock them....)
Here is the technical drawing from the BWOF site


I made the top from a lightweight cotton print, lined with white cotton broadcloth (I'm out of batiste) and the shorts are from a rib knit remnant. I used a lettuce hem on the shorts, and liking this effect for teenager pjs, I made a very long skinny strip of lettuce frill to insert between the outside and lining of the upper bodice neck and arm edge. I used red lingerie strap elastic instead of making fabric straps per the pattern. 

My daughter and I both like the pyjamas, but I did need to adjust them to alter the high skin exposure of the original ling erie pattern, so that my daughter can wear these to sleepovers. The shorts are a good 5cm longer in the leg than the pattern. I also needed to take them in 3 cm on each side seam as the pattern is for a woven fabric, and these are knit, so were originally too big.
I made several alterations to the front bodice. My daughter's measurements are just below size 34, so I scaled down to a size 34, then made a SBA of 1/4 inch. I also raised the height of the bodice around 1 and 1/2 cm. The straps are also shorter than those shown in the model photograph.
The top was too big after these changes, and I had to make post construction alterations, as the pyjamas were a surprise present. I took in the side seams a litte, and increased the stretch of the back elastic. If I make these again, I will make the upper bodice smaller, particularly in the back.
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Dawn said...

Those are very cute! I've been thinking about making these too.

Vicki said...

Very cute.

angie.a said...

Those are the sweetest pj's! I need to pull that issue out come summer (for us) and make my Lu a pair!