Thursday, 1 January 2009

Retrospective 2008

I have really enjoyed reading the end-of-year posts from lots of people, so thought I would write one as well, even though I am now in 2009. (Yesterday was busy, sorry)
This has been a very interesting sewing year for me, as through the Timmel SWAP competition I was introduced to on line sewing, and have learnt so much from it.

I wrote 86 or so reviews on Pattern review this year. My profile shows that I joined PR in 2006, but in 2006, I looked at pattern review only once, and joined so that I could look at a review of one pattern. Unfortunately the review was not terribly good, and I did not look at the site again until January 2008. I now look at it nearly every day.

I made a lot of garments this year. I think it is well over a hundred. My goal was to make one or two garments each week for myself or my family this year, and I have met this goal. For some reason I think I should still sew more. I am obviously addicted to sewing.:)

My other goal was to improve my sewing. I think I have achieved this too, although I now think I should be more specific with my goals.

This year I made my first (not very good) tailored jacket, Vogue 2925

and my second (slightly better) tailored jacket vogue 2925.

I made my first welt pocket and my first men's dress shirt - vogue via David Coffin's excellent book.

Another sewing goal was to find and use more interesting knit patterns and fabrics. I think I have achieved this too. I am now very fond of href="">Gorgeous Fabrics, and have made lots of knit clothes this year. My favourites are Vogue 8305 that I have made 3 times

and Jalie 2794, that I have made 11 times, for 4 different people.
I should probably also mention Vogue 2925 again (4 times) and Vogue 8379 (3 times), but I think I am running out of room for pictures.

My last goal, and possibly the most important was to make pants. I still do not like making pants for myself, but I am getting better at them. I made 6 pairs of pants from Vogue 2925 this year. 3 are now worn out, my work is hard on clothes. I also made a disastrous pair of jeans for myself, and a fabulous pair of jeans for my daughter from Jalie 968. I need to conquer jeans this year!
. My favourite pair of pants this year, and a real sewing leap for me are the Marlene pants from BWOF August 2008.

I owe these trousers to Elizabeth, and to Ann Rowley who post at Stitcher's Guild.

I started sewing from BWOF magazine this year too. My first issue was June, and I have hardly bought another pattern since. I am really enjoying the magazine.

However the best thing for my sewing this year was being able to chat about it with all the lovely people at Stitchers Guild and at Pattern Review, and reading all the fabulous blogs out there.
Thanks to everyone who writes about sewing, and Happy New Year.


Shannon said...

Great year in review! Best wishes for a another productive sewing year!

katherine h said...

You have made some beautiful garmetns this year...that second jacket looks great!

Alexandra said...

What a great and productive you had! I hope the next one is even better.
Happy New Year!

Vicki said...

Happy New Year! And over 100 garments? Fantastic.