Saturday, 7 March 2009

More V7903 fitting

Fitting is very dull, but I feel I am progressing. I have written out my next steps on the flat photograph. I will make up a blouse using this pattern shell, after I have lowered the side darts a tiny bit more. I have curved the side darts for a softer look, the side darts are pretty big!


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Anonymous said...

It looks good. I am just starting to do muslins. It can all be a bit confusing at the time!But worth it at the end...they say anyway! Good luck!

Anne e le manine d'oro said...

My oh my, you really like this blouse pattern. I am amazed by your patience with this project. I am looking forward to see the final result.

Sew4Fun said...

Yes fitting is boring and can be frustrating as well. I've spent the afternoon sewing a muslin and altering a pants pattern so I know how you feel.

May I make a suggestion? Feel free to ignore me if you like. :) If it were me I'd unsewn one of the pleats at the front. Either that or sew each pleat slightly smaller and/or add a bit to the side seam at the waist. In my opinion (and it is just that, an opinion only) is that the blouse would hang a lot better with more ease at the waist.
Happy sewing, Belinda.