Friday, 6 March 2009

V7903 fitting

I had a series of attempts at the blouse Vogue 7903 back in about June 2008, and was rather exasperated at the fitting. I then made a sleeveless version in November 2008, and thought I had almost nailed the front and back pieces, other than needing a FBA.
I was wrong. I should have made a toile about 4 attempts ago. This is still horrible, and although there is now sufficient room in the front, I seem to have developed a below the bust growth.

My next step will be to take out a horizontal tuck at mid front. I know I will have to change the position of the side dart, but otherwise I think this fits better pinned out like this. What do you think?


goodworks1 said...

It does look better with that tuck. In the back you'll probably want to take the tuck out much lower, maybe at the waist.

It's going to be a stunning blouse when you get it fine-tuned!!

MareeAlison said...

Karen - I haven't had time to catch up with anyone's blogs for ages, but I always enjoy yours. I'm wondering how you got along with this blouse. There are some unusual things going on I agree but I'm unsure what to suggest to fix it. That's probably why I predominantly make knits. :-) Keep up the good work though.