Sunday, 8 March 2009

More Vogue 7903

Anne of Le Manine de'oro was kind enough to comment on my blog that I must like this blouse to work so hard at it. I am not sure that I do like this blouse at all this evening! It is rather frustrating. I worked on it for about a month back in June last year,and it has taken me a long time to get back to it, but I want some reward for all my fitting work. It has just got my goat. I think the Kwik Sew pattern I have used for the past 6years or so is finally too old fashioned for my conservative work wardrobe, but this reminds me why I have been using it for so long :). I am also reminded of why I sew for myself every time I try to buy a plain blouse for work. They do not exist in my shape.
I took Belinda's advice (thanks Belinda, and let the waist out a little, by sewing just inside all the dart lines at the waist front. I had overfitted a bit.

My next issue with the blouse was the sleeve. In the earlier two versions with sleeves, I had plenty of room to move. However, the more fitted bodice showed up a major sleeve problem. I could not move my arm very well.

Kathryn (fxdoc at stitchers guild) pointed out that the armscye seemed a bit low. I raised the armscye to one inch below my arm, which my McCall's dress making book states is the correct depth, and things did improve consierably.

However, my job requires a lot of vigorous and free arm movement, so I had to keep working at the sleeve. I went back to my McCall's book, and thought I would try this adjustment for binding sleeves at the upper seam, having already added rather a lot to the original sleeve for "large upper arms". The dress making book does not give any suggested measurements, just a sketch, so I guessed. There was no ease at all in the sleeve last time I put it in, so I did not alter the armscye at all, just the sleeve. It worked quite well, but there are no photos yet, as my photographer has gone to bed.

I did not sew all day, so my progress with the blouse was a bit limited. I spent a considerable portion of the day being a good wife. I went to the tip and the Sunday markets at the instigation of my husband. I do not share his fascination with garage sales, op shops, junk shops and tip shops, but I can still take advantage of this hobby. He found a gas regulator which he wants to pull apart for some wonderful woodworking/metalworking project ($2) and I found these patterns (60c the 3), I am particularly thrilled with the baby pattern. It is in "factory folds" and I do not have one in this style, or anything similar. I don't have a 6 month old baby either, but that is beside the point. :). My youngest niece is nearly 6 months old, and I am sure she needs a present. The dress patterns are not my size, but I think they are interesting for the different dart treatments. I left them on the back verandah in the sun to air a bit. It was a very dirty tip shop. I have heard there are clean and interesting recycling centres at city tips, but out here we have the old style dusty sort. Maybe I should vaccuum them????
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Anne e le manine d'oro said...

The back seems better. With your arm up toward the front, it pulls a tiny bit. But not a lot. If you need to make strong and vigorous arm movements, may be you need more ease in the back. What is the sensation on you ? Oh but, I feel bad to say that, you have worked so much. If you have a KS pattern you love, you can "modernize" it ? It might be easier to reach your goal. What number is it ? All those muslin (toile) are more experience for you. Don't give up !

ACorgiHouse said...

They look like good finds. I left you a Sisterhood Award, but it's a post or two back in my blog, I got distracted and forgot to tell you. Oops, sorry, better late than never I expect. K

gwensews said...

May I suggest that you measure your pattern across the back, from one armsythe to the other. It may be that the back width needs a correction.

Good luck.