Tuesday, 17 March 2009

V7903 cream cotton eyelet

I have really run out of time for my SWAP challenge at Stitchers Guild but am continuing anyway. Here is completed top #2, V7903, which is actually on my storyboard (I amaze myself - that makes 3 things from my storyboard). I have been working on the fitting for a little while but cannot show you how well it fits as my oportunity for photography whilst clean and wearing makeup has been rather limited lately. There has been a lot of painting and gardening going on.

My design changes to the pattern were fairly minor. I made a shorter sleeve with a curved hem.

I rounded the collar, and used a lot more buttons than called for in the pattern. The blouse fits closely, and I do not want any gaps.

Next up is the same pattern, with more modifications. After all the fitting mess about I want to really use this pattern.
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Carol said...

I really like this eyelet fabric. I was looking at my storyboard yesterday, too and I have made very few of the things I had planned. Don't forget we have easter - you may get your SWAP finished yet!