Sunday, 14 June 2009

Jo Sharp Knit 5 - tank

I love this top. I would love it 100% if I did not sew and knew nothing about fitting.

I have just finished knitting it from Jo Sharp's book Knit 5. It is knit in 8ply soho summer DK cotton in colour currant 234. I really like the yarn. Some people on Ravelry have complained that it is splitty, but I found it beautifully behaved on bamboo circular needles, only showing separating tendencies if I happened to un-knit a few stitches.
You can see here, however, that the soothing round and round rib knitting seduced me into fitting errors. The top is too long in the middle section, and too short in the bust section. I did slip in a few short rows across the bust to try to fix this, but I was too late (and not keen to un- knit)

I tried two different methods of attaching the straps to the front, mattress stitch and back stitch. To my surprize the back stitch seemed more messy, so I put some buttons on this side rather that unpick. I was feeling very lazy, and I really like the buttons. There were only 3 left, so it is a perfect use for them. I used garter stitch on the edges of the straps so that they would not roll inwards due to the rib.

I will have to remember to keep pulling this down when I wear it to disguise the rolls. Perhaps I will just have to make another one in a different colour. I am tempted!


Cisa said...

That's adorable enough to tempt me into learning to knit!

Lisa said...

Nice. If you didn't tell me that you that the fitting wasn't right I wouldn't know! :)

Carol said...

This is so cute and I really like the colour.

katherine h said...

I often wondered what knitters did about fit. I love the colour and it shows off your beautiful hourglass figure.