Monday, 8 June 2009

June Capsule, Marlene pants (again)

I am participating in the June Capsule Competition at Stitchers Guild, where the challenge is to make a 4 piece wardrobe, and an accessory, which co-ordinate with a wardrobe orphan.
My orphan is a lace wrap top from Witchery that I bought to wear to a party. This was several years ago, and the garments with which I originally wore the top belonged mostly to my sister. I did wear the top later over some beige linen pants, but was not really thrilled with this as an outfit, and the pants have since been retired.
Today I finished a pair of BWOF 08-2008 105 Marlene pants. Only Beebee has more pairs of these pants than I !

I was quite happy with the sewing of these pants. As the tropical wool fabric is quite thin, I lined these pants with batiste. After 4 pairs the construction is becoming straightforward, although still rather slow. This may be due to my delaying tactics when faced with a welt pocket (my sewing cupboard is remarkably tidy at the moment)

Unfortunately, I do not like these pants at all worn with the orphan top. I think these are now work pants, and the top is not suitable for work.

Additionally, despite desperate attempts to develop a TNT selection, I do not think I am a good candidate for this form of sewing.
1. My weight, size and fitness fluctuate. These pants (and all the other pairs) are now much too big.

2. I find sewing the same pattern rather boring if it occurs too soon after a previous attempt. I made one pair of these pants with different pockets, but it did not improve the boredom factor. I have sewn them from cotton gabardine, linen and now wool, and different fabrics did not improve the boredom.
3. I have some perfectionist tendencies. If I have one garment made from a particular pattern it seems possible for me to excuse the faults. With 4 pairs of these pants, I am unable to excuse the faults common to all pairs, and every time I wear any of these pants, the faults annoy me a lot.
4. I am unbearably tempted by new patterns and have a BWOF subscription.

I guess I need to become very, very quick at alterations!


katherine h said...

I'm not one for tnt patterns myself. I do have a tnt skirt pattern, but it is a 8 gore skirt with lots or patential for variation. I worked with a girl who wore short pencil skirts everyday. I suspected that her mother made them and I was envious that her "uniform" would be quick to both sew and iron...much quicker than Marlene trousers. Your orphan top is pretty so I wish you well with this project.

Anonymous said...

From looking at the photo, the orphan looks good with the pant - style- and colourwise. But the fact that you don't like them together will result into not wearing that orphan, I guess! :( Too bad, it really is a cute little top! I hope you find a style that matches... Have you been snoop shopping with the garment?
The Marlene pants again look wonderfully professional- great craftmenship! Now you just have to stop loosing weight! ;))

Uta said...

Well, I have a thing for Marlene pants, and I think they suit you very well. But I understand about the boredom factor... I have yet to sew a pattern more than twice. In a German sewing forum I've read the tip to listen to audio books when sewing something uninteresting. Or maybe you should keep sewing new patterns; I certainly love to see that! BTW, your pants look so good on the inside... perfect!

gwensews said...

The top is beautiful. How about wearing it over a straight, sleeveless sheath-style dress?

wendy said...

I like the lace top with the pants as well :-)

Sewing too much of the same thing in a row is tricky for me too... three is about my limit unless I put it away for a few months.

Carol said...

I like gwensews suggestion for your top. I agree with you about the TNT patterns. I have a straight skirt pattern that I use regularly, but that's about it. I find if I make the same pattern again and again I get a little careless with the construction because I think I know how to do it. Sometimes I decide not to look at the instructions and totally mess the whole thing up by forgetting a crucial step. My rule is never to make the same thing twice in a row, if possible.

Sue said...

It is difficult sewing while losing weight. I have altered a few pieces but have a pile more to do. Sewing is so much more fun than altering!
Your pants look good though. Even if you don't go down the TNT path, you know you can make a mean pair of pants!

Deb said...

Hi, I found you via the Stitchers Guild and had to comment (hope that's OK?).

I really like the pants and top together, it really looks good, and you've done a super job sewing the pants. Perhaps a basic pencil skirt would work with that gorgeous top if you really don't like this combo.

As for sewing multiples of one pattern, I've never done it except for basic pencil or a-line knit skirts I used to wear to work BC (before kids). These days I am pushed to find enough time to make something once and besides that I too like using new patterns.

If only there were more hours in the day ...

RuthieK said...

I quite like using TNTs, but have to agree that sewing whilst losing/changing eight is frustrating.

I think the top and pants look nice together, but you have to feel comfortable with the combo and you obviously don't. They are both neutral pieces so easy to mix and match.

BeeBee said...

I'm a bit tired of the M-pants, too. In fact, the last pair has remained unhemmed for weeks. Seriously, a 10 minute job. I just made the ones from the May (I think) issue. No waist band. I really like them.
And as much as the idea of a TNT appeals to me. I, too, get tired of making the same thing. I need more variety. I think that's why I've been hooked on BWOF for bottoms, they fit without alterations and I can sew for variety instead of being hung up on fitting.
And I like the top with the pants. Both color and style.