Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lin gerie Sewing

I guess you were expecting frillies or pretties with that title, no, we are in shed territory.

I do not want to use the wires from my kit for my practice bra, so decided to work on some retrieved wires from an old bra. I had to clip them to make them a comfortable height, so then I needed to coat the ends to stop them piercing me. My husband suggested this electrical wire coating stuff. It is nasty, toxic stuff, so I had to wear a respirator and work on the shed verandah, very rustic.

I wanted a little extra coating on the inner side of the wire, so used clothes pegs to sit the wires up to dry.
I did progress in the bra sewing this weekend, but as I kept sewing until after sunset, I do not have any good photos. I do not think the first one will fit, but I am learning a lot.

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a little sewing on the side said...

Go Karen, I love it! LOL. This is definitely something I could see myself doing.