Sunday, 19 September 2010

Self Stitched September 19th

The weather is staying cold, which gives me a lot more options. Today is a stay at home Sunday again, so jeans BWOF 4-2009-118, Jalie sweetheart top in terry wool jersey (on its last legs, but fine under a cardi) and a merino, silk, cashmere hand knit - the eyelet cardigan from Jo Sharp Knit 5.


Callistemon "Weeping Hannah" in the background to co-ordinate with my Jalie top ;).

I am also wearing hand knit socks. This is the first pair I ever made - still going strong 6 years later. I think it is a Patonyle self striping wool, which is unfortunately discontinued. I love wool socks.
Thank you for the feedback on my clothes and colours, I am finding it very helpful.I think I have been dressing down the bright red hair I no longer have! Having said this, the blouse I am sewing today is low contrast and medium tone. My fabric stash might take a while to catch up to my new wardrobe insights.


Mary said...

Interesting to look at all our choices in clothing, isn't it? I have noticed that I need to make some nicer shorts and tops for house/yard work. I tend to keep my "orphans" or "wadders" and then look very frumpy at home.

Your color palette could be very striking with deep colors, like the maroon you have on today, or a deep forest green, or dark teal. Those are wonderful socks!

RuthieK said...

Love those jeans! Also the socks are fabulous. Your garments are always so nicely finished. Don't be too down on yourself about the neutral colours in your stash, they will always be good background pieces to mix in with other new funkier stuff.

Carolyn said...

I think this cardigan and the one from yesterday are just beautiful! And the deep red top is a fabulous colour on you. And your jeans and socks ... well done on a gorgeous self-stitched ensemble!

Handmade said...

That's a perfect Sunday outfit in front of the lovely Callistemon. Knitted socks - both you and Handmade by Carolyn have got IT going on!!!

Bernice said...

This is the first time I have commented on your blog despite following the first half of your SSS. Like many of your followers, I was struck by the lack of colour. That said, I admire the courage you have to put yourself 'out there'. I do want to say however, that the colour of yesterday's cardi looks gorgeous on you. That shade of green does wonderful things to both your skin and hair. Definitely a highlight for me. Today's hint of colour is also a nice addition.

Last holidays my sister, my mother and I took turns in holding up various monotone garments/sheets/blankets to our faces to try and ascertain the colours that brought out the best in us. This was a very insightful exercise. My sister commented that it was usually when we wear our 'best' colours that we don't need to wear makeup. This, I've discovered is true. What I also learnt is that the garment doesn't have to be 'your colour' if you try and pick it up in accessories close to the face such as large necklaces, earrings, scarves or the right shade of lippy.

What I learnt from this exercise is that black and dark charcoals make the area under my eyes so dark that I look like I haven't slept in months and that I've ages 10 years - which is a shame (they are handy at times) but good to know!

Once again, you looked absolutely gorgeous and happy in yesterday's green.

Bernice said...

Oh, I forgot to say I loooooooove those jeans. The socks are very cool too!

sewing spots said...

I've really enjoyed all your garments for your Self-Stitched September! Plus the knitting! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit today. Adding that sort of rusty colour to my mental list of fabrics to send you :-) And please feel free to knit me a cardi in that pattern in your spare time. Love it! Your clothes are so beautifully detailed.

Oh -- socks too. Love handknit socks, never finish more than one :-(

Carol said...

This is a lovely outfit and I like the deeper red on you.

McVal said...

Cute! I LOVE those socks!