Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Self stitched September 7

September 7

Burda World of Fashion trousers 4-2009-118 (again) cotton gabardine

Vogue 7903 blouse, cotton quilting fabric

I am displaying my trouser shortage with this post. I do not like these trousers. This is an outfit for clinical work. I like the blouse, but I do not find dressing for the practical requirements of my work at all condusive to a fun outfit. This is the most neglected section of my wardrobe, as it is dull, dull, dull. However, I would rather sew dull trousers than wear (or alter) RTW. This attitude is why I find the SWAP challenges so useful - it is much easier for me to sew work clothes under a time limit. Hopefully the current sewing challenge will encourage me to finish the trousers I currently have under construction!


Mary said...

kbenco, maybe try some Marcy Tilton trousers. They are surprisingly flattering and comfy to wear. I need to review the pairs I've made. More importantly, that blouse is so pretty!! The detail is great.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I think you could easily spiff up this outfit. 1) new belt. I have lots of belts like yours and they are TOO BIG. Get a better one (shakes finger at self). 2) scarf if you can bear it in the heat. 3) put girly bindings on the pocket edges. This outfit needs COLOUR.

I am hesitant to second the Marcy Tilton suggestion, but if you want to try them I can send you a pattern (I have the one with the funky skirt). I decided they were likely to make my short legs even shorter, but you are trimmer than I am and maybe they will do fine by you. And very slightly short trousers are coming in in a big way so maybe it's time.

BTW, forgot to say how much I liked yesterday's outfit. Also, you can't have my pink skirt. Sorry.


Carolyn said...

Those pants look practical and comfortable. Everybody needs practical and comfortable in their lives too! But if you don't like parts of your outfit, I agree that a pretty scarf at the neckline can take attention away from the pants lower down. And your top is very pretty! I can see why you like it so much!