Saturday, 27 November 2010

Problems with Patrones, Issue 293, Blouse 29

I own 2 issues of Patrones, that I bought in July, during my 2 hour visit to Spain. Naturally, I have been very keen to make something from one of them, but have been a little apprehensive, due to not speaking a word of Spanish.
Last night, I had Google do some translating for me. My favourite line was "take the third wheel and attach by reversing".
Not having used Patrones previously, I made a toile of this blouse that I fancied.
I fell back on my prior sewing experience for the construction.


I'm glad I made a toile.
Patrones size 40 has the same bust and hip measurements as a Burda 38, which fits me reasonably well in the top half. I suspect that Patrones patterns have less ease than Burda. Genevieve looks a little squished in this toile. I admit that I have not made a full bust adjustment in the vain hope that the Patrones draft is more generous in the bust than every other pattern I have tried, but this does not appear to be the only tight area.
I thought originally that Patrones also has a much higher bust point than Burda or the big4, but my daughter points out that if you look very closely at the Patrones photograph, there is a seam right across the model's bust in this blouse, and I don't think she has a post childbearing D cup.
The bust point is not marked on the pattern.
The teenage fashion panel says I should not try to fit this blouse, as it is ugly and unflattering. I have cut out something very boring in a Simplicity pattern in order to sooth my ruffled sewing ego.


RuthieK said...

Bummer. Don't take too much notice of the teenage fashionj pabel, you can conquer Patrones :-)

katherine h said...

Maybe the teenage fashion panel can't imagine this made up in a different pattern. Toiles often don't look that flattering or interesting. This would be pretty in a soft cotton voile.

katherine h said...

Oops. meant differetn fabric, not different pattern

KID, MD said...

Of course the toile is ugly and unflattering! It doesn't fit and is made of yucky fabric! I think that is a lovely design, and once it has been fitted, would suit you well, although I admit that I am not a fan of the across the boob seam, so I'd move it down.

angie.a said...

I'm not a fan of that across the bust seam either. I have muslined that Burda Style blouse from July (?) that had the same type of seam, and I moved it a few inches South. Probably destroyed all of the "design lines" but to me, the seam as positioned just looked ill-fitted.

But I think the Patrones pattern is lovely... move that seam and add an FBA and muslin again! :D

Mary Nanna said...

Not only is it a line across the bust it has tucks as well! Cripes! I found the line across the bust in the Burda pattern not to be the problem I thought it would be, but with tucks I'd be more anxious. Tucks would say, "hello, look at me, I'm a boobee"

It's helpful to have a judging panel. My judging panel is harsh but fair. My judging panel lets me know that something that looks intriguing to me looks silly to everyone else. I know, I know, we should wear what we enjoy regardless of other's opinions but sometimes it's nice to be on the same planet as everyone else.

My sewing buddies bought along Patrones to Sewing club and I think it is totally gorgeous. Yes I may even buy myself a subscription for christmas.

Oh and did you ever work out what the "third wheel" was? Is it something mystical like a third eye?

Mary said...

I think the line ruins the look also. There are so many patterns-why waste time with one that is somewhat problematic? Off topic-did you renovate/change your blog? Pretty!

Handmade said...

Well done for having a go - it looks like a great pattern with interesting features - give it another go with the FBA - I think our opinions may outweigh the "experts" ...?

lakaribane said...

I have a few more Patrones issues than you do and I haven't made anything from them yet, either. And I'm also considering a muslin.

I'm a Burda 38/Patrones 40 too and I was studying the measurement chart just yesterday. The shoulder to Bust in Patrones is 24,5 cm vs Burda's 27Reg/26Petite but the craziest part IMO is that the back length/front length seem to oddly short: 42/43,5cm which sounds more like Burda Petite but what do I do about the Shoulder to Bust issue???

Unless they are drafted for an A cup?

Bottom Line: you are not alone in your apprehensions, LOL!

a little sewing on the side said...

I do like the style and it looks like something you'd fancy. Maybe after the easy project, you'll try this one again. Just lower the seam so it doesn't cross the bust.

Katharina said...

Patrones uses spanish sizing, what means you will need a size thats at leat 2 sizes bigger than normal german sizing (as burda).

Gail said...

I've bought a few patrones issues recently. A friend warned me that the sizing is different to burda. Did you check the measures against the chart?