Monday, 11 February 2013

February stashbusting challenge New Look 6929 nightwear and giveaway results

What a bad blogger am I. There is a dutiful and timely giveaway result draft in my post list that I though I had posted last week, no wonder there were no address responses!
Just to keep you in suspense, I will show you another giveaway, of a familial nature.


The February stashbusting challenge to make something for someone you love is very suitable for me. I have just returned from a flying visit to Melbourne for my sister's 40th birthday party and have another big occasion this month I will tell you about later which has nothing to do with Valentine's day.
I made my sister's gift (last week) from some of the fabric she bought me in Vietnam for my 40th birthday, - this was a cunning plan to ensure that she loved the fabric, and fortunately, the constructed garments fit nicely and were well received. My sister doesn't sew, but she appreciates sewing in a very satisfying manner.
I have made this nightie before, for me, and it was a nice easy project I was pretty sure would suit her, sisterhood giving me considerable insights into otherness fitting issues.


The pyjama trousers are loose fitting and there is a drawstring instead of elastic so that I didn't have to ask for any measurements for elastic. I used french seams on the side seams and either bound or finished by handstitching the other seams to make the garments more birthday gift worthy.


Stashbusting results, according to the pattern envelope, which is a bit generous, 2.4m embroidered cotton voile, and 2.5m co-ordinating white medium weight cotton. Unfortunately there is a small could-possibly-be-a-garment piece of the plain white fabric left, so the stash drop is not quite so large as I would like.
Even worse, it turned out that it is not possible for me to visit Melbourne without a dash into Clegs, a major player in many of my more ambitious  teenage sewing projects (fortunately it opens at 8.30 on a weekday), but you must admire my restraint


Only 80cm of pricey viscose knit ($39.95 per metre). I am a few metres ahead still. I bought this fabric strictly for souvenir and sentimental reasons,.
I used to sneak into Clegs, after my country train got into Flinders St Station (Clegs is on the next block from the station) instead of going directly to the platform to catch the local train for my boarding school. It was strictly forbidden to leave the train station whilst in transit. This was the naughtiest thing I ever did at school which I may regret slightly in retrospect. There is nothing like your younger sister's 40th to make you reminisce in a very boring manner! I have been talking to people I knew 22+ years ago all weekend - sorry!

The topkids giveaway winner is Rocketsews
There is also a second mystery prize also child sewing related, won by Liza Jane.
Would you please send your mailing addresses to me at and I hope to be more timely in posting the giveaways unvirtually.


Gratuitous photo of previously unmodelled giveaway sewing on my 3 gorgeous nieces. They all cooked for me on the weekend, ranging from vegemite on toast to a roast dinner! Just to use the aprons :)


Sharon said...

Lovely gift for your sister and you were restrained at Clegs. Gorgeous nieces cooking for you in their aprons and the diversity made me smile.

velosewer said...

I like the lines in the nightie. They're really sleek.
Don't the girls look great!

Carol said...

I like the nightie. I really wish I could sleep in them without strangling myself. Your Clegs fabric is really pretty and I'm keen to see what you're going to make with it. I haven't been as successful with destashing this month as I was last month. It's those wretched little bits that I can't throw away that cause the problem.

Debra Martin said...

I always like your blog photos, Karen. I like your style. The nightie is beautiful. And it was nice to see your nieces so happy in their aprons.

shams said...

A beautiful nightie, Karen, and a thoughtful gift!

fabric epiphanies said...

The nightie is lovely and you are very generous giving away such special fabric.

Kirsty said...

Hooray! I have such a soft spot for Topkids magazines - and will put these to good use for my tiniest niece. On the weekend I scored a similar nightie pattern in a giveaway and hope to make it up soon, it looks so summery. I was in Melbourne for the weekend, and Clegs sure does have a gorgeous range of printed knits, those butterflies are so pretty.

liza jane said...

Mystery prize? I'm intrigued!

Ruth said...

I'm just starting to sew nightwear and this is such a joy to see. Thank you but what a shame it isn't for you. Lovely gift.

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful nightie, so luxurious looking with the embroidery and bias cut; and so pretty. Your sister is a lucky girl :)

RhondaBuss said...

What a lovely gown!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is a beautiful nightie. I'm going to have to look for that NL pattern--I've not been satisfied with any of the nightgown patterns I have.

Gail said...

Whenever I see beautiful nightwear I feel a pang of guilt about being so 'sexless' when I settle down for the night. My t-shirt and over stretched PJ pants just don't cut it!

Rosy said...

Wonderful! You are so generous to give away something so beautiful .....