Sunday, 28 April 2013

Colette Beignet 1005 skirt. Winner! (+ Vogue 8634 top)

I won Paola's give away. She is so generous.  I am so lucky. I had been fancying this Beignet skirt for a little while, but was trying to talk myself out of it due to having an extremely large pattern collection. (You have plenty of skirt patterns Kbenco,you could just adapt something, etc etc). But fortunately for me, as I would never get around to adapting something else, here is the real deal.


I am very happy with this skirt.
It was a dream to sew. The drafting is perfect, which is such a relief after sewing all those Big4 patterns. I had a little moment of intense satisfaction every time a seam line matched perfectly. This oddity is possibly why sewing makes me so happy.
I admired Colette's instructions, particularly the tip to reinforce the waistline with twill tape ( I used a bit of selvage). 

In fitting, I ended up decreasing a size, having gone up to the next size per Colette instructions as my hips are between sizes, but finding this too big in the toile (non-stretch).
I took in at the waist in both my toile and in the final fabric, which is a stretch denim, circa 2008 from Kerryn's Fabric World.  The skirt was also cut a little shorter than Colette designed, due to fabric constraints. There is a tiny bit of piecing in the front facing for the same reason.

I did not line the skirt. I have some stretch silk lining, but decided an everyday denim skirt was not  a good candidate for this fabric, nor for a non-stretch lining, so I bound all the seams and the facing in a bit of left over shirting cotton cut on the bias.


The fabric is quite thick, so I did not bother making a matching petticoat.

I finished the hem with bias binding, using a catch stitch so that the hem will stretch with the skirt and not pop my stitching during wear.


I find that front buttoning skirts have a short life due to buttonhole wear. In an attempt to extend the life of this skirt, only the top 5 buttonholes are functional. All the other buttonholes are uncut, with the skirt machine sewn with zigzag to the underplacket, and the button attached by hand over the top of the buttonhole.


I do not often wear a belt with a skirt, but wanted to leave myself the option to do so. I made the buttonkeepers with buttonhole stitch over 6 strands of embroidery cotton, instead of applying fabric tabs. These are quite unobtrusive when the skirt is worn without a belt, which is just how I wanted them.



I topstitched the front and back princess seams, but not the side seams, so that I could adjust the skirt for fitting should I need to. Of course, having allowed for fitting, the final skirt try on was just right, and I did not have to do a single bit of unpicking. This may be a first for me in an item worn below the waist.


Feeling rather smug about my new skirt, I hung it up in my wardrobe, where it looked just like an orphan, so I made a few tops to wear with it.

I am wearing the first of these tops, Vogue 8634, which I made several of  last winter.



 This one is made from a cotton jersey, The Remnant Warehouse 2012, (this is the fabric that ran in its welcoming wash, but did so in a rather attractive manner - see that nice blotchy pink within the print?) and I squeezed it out of a 1.2 metre  generous cut by having 3/4 length sleeves and a slightly less generous depth of cowl.

Stashbusting statistics,2.3 m denim 2008, 1.2 metre cotton jersey 2012


Steph A said...

Your skirt is absolutely fantastic! The fit is spot on, and the red denim is such a great fabric for this style. I LOVE everything you did on it!! Just Beautiful.

Sharon said...

Fantastic skirt, fit spot on and so is the length. Don't you just love popping into your stash to find the suitable fabric for tops and this one works so well with the red.

BeaJay said...

Love your skirt - that fabric and buttons really suit the style. Great top too.

katherine h said...

The whole outfit is spot on! You look so that a new haircut as well? Love the colour combo of the top with the skirt. Winners all round make for very happy sewers!

fabric epiphanies said...

I have this pattern and it just jumped up on my make list. Your skirt is outstanding and I can see a few more popping up in your wardrobe. I haven't had much success with Collette patterns which is why I haven't made it yet. I love the new top as well. I thought it was a Sewaholic Renfrew initially!

poppykettle said...

Gorgeous! The red fabric was a perfect match for this skirt pattern - lovely clean lines. And your buttons are awesome!

Carolyn said...

This is my favourite skirt you have ever made! and you look gorgeous. I love the idea to put the lower buttons in as non-functional; in my experience, front buttoning skirts tend to gape and so then "bumps" and openings develop in between the buttons. Your solution to the problem is a brilliant idea .

Paola said...

Great to see the Beignet! Love the red denim, and how you dealt with the lower buttonholes.

Meigan said...

Beautiful job! I love the plaid seam binding-what a great hidden detail!

SewRuthie said...

Oh VERY nice! also like the top.

Anonymous said...

Oh I've been so wanting to make this skirt and now I see again why. Very nice on you. That Vogue cowlneck is a top I make again and again as well.

Well done, and a nice success after the brown dress debacle.

Gail said...

Great skirt. I also love the top. I ought the pattern and forgot about it. Based on your example it mAy rise to the to o of the winter sewing list

Anonymous said...

Love the colour and the buttons, very flattering! And your finishing is so tidy. One of the Wellington Blogger girls is part way through this pattern in a raspberry red linen, it looks so delicious, red is such a great colour for this pattern :)

EmSewCrazy said...

Lovely combo! I love the skirt and the top. It fits you so well! Great job!