Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Burda Style 03-2013-151 t shirt variations. How to annoy your son.

Just after I wrote a whingy post about how few patterns exist for boys outside the very small stages (come to think of it, there is a dearth of patterns for tween girls too..), Burda included 3 patterns for boys sizes 134-158 in their March 2013 issue. Naturally, having got out the overlocker and coverstitch for my own t shirt, it was my clear duty to use these machines for something else, so as not to waste all that threading time. See, I do plan my sewing.....

Burda Style 03-2013-151 variations

Burda's t shirt is a nice raglan shape with a curved hem , and contrast sleeves.


 To maximize fabric use and cutting out efficiency, it was second nature to make 2 t shirts with the opposing colours. However, this is where efficiency left me.

I am taking the Alabama Chanin class on Craftsy. This has no dull old t shirts in it, but there is reverse applique leaving curly raw edges. Can I claim this as inspiration for the stripe effect here?


Unfortunately, although I think this t shirt looks great, and the teenage fashion panel agrees, the verdict from the recipient is that the reverse side of the coverstitch is ITCHY.


It is clearly boy torture to force someone to wear this t shirt. However, I am ruthless and told the boy he should wear a singlet.

The next t shirt was pure whimsy, and involved very little effort, as I embraced the deliberately messy style I see in most RTW for boys (no doubt because it is very easy to sew!). I am very pleased with how it turned out.



I don't think the cyclist is working quite hard enough going up that hill, but otherwise this turned out quite well.
It has a slightly lower boy torture rating from the recipient, in fact, he said it is quite nice.

The next t shirt is seamstress torment. My son asked for another t shirt, not so fancy thanks Mum. I suggested contrast binding? contrast stitching? A tiny bit of decorative coverstitch?
No, plain.

Burda style 03-2013-151

Now he is happy.

Stashbusting statistics, about 2.5 m of cotton lycra jersey 2012


MushyWear said...

Wow, these are three awesome t-shirts. Love how you did the bicycle going up the sleeve, very clever. Have you thought about ironing on some knit interfacing to cover the itchy area? I think I did this on infant and toddler clothes that I made my boys.

katherine h said...

Love these shirts! I especially like the first one, though the cyclist is pretty groovy also.

liza jane said...

Seamstress torment! Ha! I love it. That's like sewing for my husband. He wants me to make him a plain black dress shirt.

Summer Flies said...

I love these t-shirts! Now I have an excuse to buy that Burda! I love your cyclist - such a great job. And you know my 9 year old also likes (and always has) plain t-shirts better.

Steph A said...

Boy torture! Too funny! LOL! They're awesome shirts. I love the first one it really looks cool, and the cyclist is excellent! I remember some of our RTW toddler tops had the ironed on knit interfacing.

Megan meggipeg said...

These t-shirts look great and I so identify with your account of sewing for boys - hilarious!

Sharon said...

Amazing boy t-shirts and love the cyclist and I can still hear my brother saying "it's itchy".

SewRuthie said...

:-) fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Nanna said...

cute post!I can remember back in the day when I used hubby for a model lol!

Janine said...

Cute Ts, the cyclist is a winner - I suppose your husband will want to steal this one( or he could have one with the cyclist going downhill ). As for the torture it is only fair considering how much they do it to us .

Claire S. said...

Cute tees - funny watching his smile appear with each photo !

Jilly Be said...

lol on the changing expressions :D The tshirts ALL look great (imho, of course) but who are we to argue with a boy-child when it comes to fashion?

Gail said...

Itchy or not I love the slash t-shirt.