Monday, 22 July 2013

6PAC, 6 piece winter wardrobe extension with a side of Burda Style 02-2013-129 shorts

It may appear that I just sew random garments as my fancy or someone's desperate need for a new pair of sports uniform shorts strike, but just lately, this is not the case. I sneakily sewed a co-ordinating wardrobe extension for my daughter whilst she was home on mid year break from Uni.


You have seen all these items before, but don't they look all organized together?

I owe this concept to Elizabeth, and the seasonal sew-a-longs she organizes at Stitchers Guild. Thanks Elizabeth.

Frankly, the pictured wardrobe is not really that well co-ordinated as a stand alone collection, as the yoga pants are a bit too casual for out-and-about clothing but if you slipped a pair or two of RTW jeans into the collection, which is what will happen in real life, in my opinion it is pretty good set up for winter, from super casual lounging, all the way to reasonably casual office wear (if they allow knit tops).

Add this to the "Clinical" half of the 2013 SWAP, which has the woven blouses for a stricter dress code, and two pairs of woven trousers that look rather smart with the coat, and she should be very nicely dressed for the next few months of cooler weather without too much strain on the laundry.


And just because I am often asked if my daughters sew, particularly after I post something I sew for them, here is daughter the first in one of her own mid year break projects.


Fully lined linen shorts, Burda Style 02-2013-129, and the co-ordinating scarf in progress, worn with two other items of her clothing that will co-ordinate with the 6PAC.

 She picked up the fabulous linen in a studio sale by the fancy boutique clothing manufacturer Pia Du Pradal, their workroom, where they send end of rolls twice a year left over from their ready to wear line, being just down the road from her flat. So you can see that I have taught her the most essential aspects of sewing (fabric acquisition)!


opportunityknits said...

What an organised way to sew a wardrobe. It must require some thinking through and a lot of discipline to stick with the plan. The result is worth it!

Judith said...

You have trained your daughter well in fabric buying...well done!

Gail said...

Well done to both of you. I'm currently working on the vaguest SWAP - let's see if I have the discipline to complete without distraction.

Nanna said...

great wardrobe! so professional looking!

Cherrypix said...

What a fabulous collection! The ruffle on the cardigan really makes it! Very clever repurposing!

pdiddly said...

nice collection and congratulations on teaching your daughter to sew/create things, mine just isn't interested.

Sharon said...

Wonderful collections and your daughter will get so much wear from all the pieces. Lovely seeing her lilnen shorts and such a great purchase!

Mary said...

How wonderful to see it all together. You have done a marvelous job, and your daughter will lool, and feel, professional.

Sandra said...

Thanks you so much for taking photos of the groupings. I am (finally) feeling like I just might someday be able to make one of these 6PACs. These are just lovely and I am sure will serve your daughter well. And those shorts (lined!) she made: gorgeous! Wonderful to pass along such valuable skills.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Fabric acquisition is indeed the most important part of sewing! Love your daughter's choice of color for the shorts and scarf. What a great capsule extension!

velosewer said...

Oooh. These are great capsules. And I would be a proud Mum if my daughter had her fabric aquisition skills as honed as your daughters.