Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ruffled merino gauze knit scarf. The Burda coat addition.

One of the best things about the internet sewing community is the excellent constructive criticism you can sometimes squeeze out of the very kind people who comment on your projects.
Several people commented on the lack of fluffy collar on my daughter's pink coat, suggesting a removable collar, and Gail commented that the coat did not really look like a garment for a first year Uni student.
I agree, it needed a bit more fun, for when she wears it to Uni, rather than on her way to work or the hospital, so I did something about it.


It might not have shown in the photos, but the original collar, made from the Shetland Wool of the coat, was heavy, stiff, and messy looking, rather than delightfully  deconstructed and shabby-chic in a Burdaesque manner, so I did not fuss with it again.

I perused my fabric collection for alternative ideas.

Nothing, because, I clearly do not have enough fabric ;)

I looked at my hideously large mending and refashioning pile, and stuck gold.

Do you remember this cardigan?


 It did a marvellous job during an Easter in-law-visiting-trip in the Hunter Valley and Sydney, being tossed on over any old outfit from a fancy silk dress to jeans and t shirt, then scrunched up in a handbag when it got too hot.
Unfortunately, in my dedication to documenting my sewing, it was attacked by cobbler's pegs, and as I was away at the time, I did not mend the holes immediately.

Embroidering over the (cough) now quite large holes some weeks later with bullion roses somehow did not work, and I did not wear the cardigan again, finding it unappealing.

Cutting it up into strips was quite satisfying, and I managed to avoid the holes and embroidery. I pieced these strips together, abandoning my original idea of flat felled seams after the first piecing, and just overlapping the pieces, to make one 3m length and one 2m length.


These two strips were then gathered down the centre, and stabilized with a straight stitch over a strip of clear elastic, encased in the merino gauze knit (original front opening edges and neckline of the cardigan).


Don't you think it makes an excellent adornment to the coat?


I insisted on borrowing rights before I handed it over.


Summer Flies said...

Brilliant! It is right on target and good thinking to contract wearing rights too.

liza jane said...

It looks fantastic! The color is a perfect complement.

poppykettle said...

Oh absolutely. I thought at first you'd actually attached this to the coat - it looks great draped around her neck! A fabulous matching of colour and texture.

Allison said...

What a great idea and an excellent use of your lovely fabric. I bet your daughter will get all kinds of wear out of this scarf. I have been very much enjoying the daily posts. Could you please keep it up? :-)

Mary said...

I commented previously that I liked the simple lines of the coat...but others were right too. This looks better, adding an element of frivolity and youthfulness. It's pretty.

kbenco said...

Mary, both my daughter and I like the clean lines too, but with the ruffle scarf she can have the frivolous look when she feels like it. The best of both ideas!

Gabrielle said...

Great solution - it changes the look of the coat immediately, but I like that you can borrow the scarf too.

Anonymous said...

That cardigan's karma is amazing! From wear-all to wow accessory.

Jilly Be said...

Perfection! What a transformation for that cardigan! AND the coat :) Win-win, for sure!

opportunityknits said...

The scarf is lovely and it does co-ordinate so well with her coat!

Gail said...

It works! Your dd looks very intellectual in this outfit.

Tia Dia said...

The ruffled collar on this coat attracted my eye in the Burda mag the first time I saw it. I love your take on it - makes the garment much more versatile!