Friday, 13 December 2013

Desert Island Sewing trousers Burda 04-2009-118 + bag

Once upon a time a few months ago I announced a self inflicted plan of sewing up all my Scruffy Badger inspired desert island patterns in the next 12 months.

 You might think I have actually been transported to a desert island, given my recent lack of internet presence, but this is not the case. I have in fact, been torn away from my sewing machine on multiple occasions in the last few months, and have somehow not managed to blog about what I have sewn, but am still thinking of this plan at odd moments.

Naturally, there has been some construction going on- after all, I still consider myself sane and reasonably even-tempered, things that might not be the case if I had nothing to make.

Here are my desert island jean-trousers, Burda World of Fashion Magazine 04-2009-118


The fabric is extremely cool. It is denim, and linen-hemp, and both soft to touch yet crisp looking. I had been stashing in a "what fabulous garment can I make from this amazing fabric" fashion for about 3 years after a fortuitous appearance on Michael's Fabrics website. A trip to chilly variably temperate Melbourne in October was the occasion for its use. (I am just a tad behind on my blogging)
As this is my TNT trouser pattern, I have little to report on the construction, other than the very sad loss of my adjusted calico pattern pieces. I had to readjust from the original tracing!!! This was not such a major project as the first time I did it, but still caused some muttering.
I loved these trousers for Melbourne. They were not-too-cool, not-too-hot and were  surprisingly free from any nasty crushing with wear. The grey tones of the fabric went with lots of tops, and my deep purple rain jacket (vital for Melbourne), and looked a bit more smart than regular jeans IMO.  I had added nice deep front pockets, so useful when out all day, and used these as a front stay, which keeps them looking shapely after sitting for too long.
However, the denim was surprisingly lacking in robustness.
This is what the inner leg of the jeans looked like after a mere week of second daily wash and wear.


It might have been due to my choice of transport during the week of my conference.


Fortunately this bike hire scheme was great fun - almost worth sewing another pair of trouser jeans.....maybe for next time I visit Melbourne.

I had already used up the very last of the hemp denim - this is from the free pattern soho slouch tote I made a week too early for the virtual bag making event at Stitcher's Guild , .


 It seems to be lasting quite nicely - maybe being reversible and lined with thick embroidered linen helps - but I plan to write about this bag later if I ever get around to my leather version, and can report back on the denim properties then.

Stashbusting statistics about 2.3 metres of linen-hemp denim, 2010 and 1 recycled dress.
Melbourne souvenir fabric purchased
Alannah Hill outlet shop, Brunswick
3 metres of frivolous silk chiffon and assorted trimmings


hmmm - fortunately the liberty blouse (2m stashbuting) went to Melbourne too, so I am still ahead in my personal fabric accounting system ;).


Judith said...

Love the colour ~ what a pity they didn't last up to the cycling test! I would definitely get sewing on another pair as they look brilliant on you ... J

Sharon said...

Great jeans and agree that they look a lot nicer than plain denim, but what a pity they didn't survive the week with the cycling.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Great looking trouser jeans. What a shame they didn't stand up to all the wear and tear, especially after all the work you have put into them.

Gail said...

I feel your pain for the trousers. I had the same thing happen with some beautiful black linen trousers I made. I love your blouse.

SewRuthie said...

jeans look great, shame about the wear. and the silk - oh, oh, oh!!!

EmSewCrazy said...

They look very nice. Bummer about the wear.... guess that means you'll just have to sew up another pair.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done! You should give me a hoy the next time you're stopping by Melbourne-we can go fabric shopping (or other) together!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oh man, what a loss! They are great-looking trousers. Though I'm with you--the convenience and sheer joy of cycling is worth sacrificing to the sewing gods.

velosewer said...

Love the pants. Just the fabric is worth wanting, let alone the style. You wear it well.