Thursday, 14 June 2018

Long cardigan Ottobre and Vogue knit tunic top

I have a long nylon/merino hoodie that I wear frequently around the house,during cooler weather, so when I was working on the winter travel wardrobe, I thought a smarter version of this would be a good idea for layering.

2017-07-29 07.46.44


The pattern is Ottobre 05-2011-06, previously made here, but as you can see, this time I made it without a hood, for fabric saving and luggage saving reasons, and self bound and overlapped the neckline, wth an attempt to make the cardigan a little less sporty. The fabric is a wool ribbing, from, purchased quite some time ago, and is quite stretchy. I added about 5cm to each centre front with the idea of an overlap fastening, and due to the stretch this overlap is considerable. 
 2017-07-29 07.46.28
I prefered to fasten it only at the top (inside and out), and am pleased with the brooch effect of the inner button when the cardigan is worn open (silver button) or closed (bronze fastening)

2017-07-29 07.45.49

I particularly like the opportunites for fitting given by using a centre back seam in this type of pattern.

2017-07-29 07.45.43
Although I was reasonably pleased with the effect of turning in the centre front edges to finish them, this finish is quite bulky. Much against my sewing instincts, I chose to leave the hem and sleeve hem edges raw. They have held up surprisingly well and do not appear to ravel at all.

2017-07-29 07.59.54

Underneath is a lengthened version of one of my favourite cowl neck t shirts, Vogue 8634. 
The fabric is a truly gorgeous heavy weight rayon knit from Knitwit, and I was extremely happy with this tunic - until a very kind person did some washing for me and managed to shrink it considerably. My older daughter was a grateful recipient of this worn-once tunic , and fortunately I was able to purchase more of the fabric, but alas, it is still in the flat fold stage. As you might have noticed, I used remanants from the original piece of this fabric for the insert in the Wren dress I posted about yesterday, and I am being very careful not to leave the dress anwhere where someone else is likely to put it in the washing machine for me!

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